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Created out of conflict

Halina St. James has been coaching corporate and government leaders in presentation skills for over 20 years. Before that she was a television news producer and reporter whose career took her around the world.

The idea for TalkitOut (the heart of the Presentations Masterclass program) came when Halina was travelling the world as a television news producer. As she moved from war in the Middle East to revolution in Romania and to Olympic Games in Spain and the USA, she was always looking for ways to help reporters communicate their stories more powerfully to viewers and listeners.


Shared with thousands

Pretty soon Halina discovered that her coaching method was a perfect fit for executives, politicians - anyone who understood the importance of clear, persuasive communication. She had rave reviews from clients around the world. Nomsa Ngwenya-Ingwe, from Zambia, said: "Thank you so much for helping us realize how powerful our voices are in order to achieve the change we want to see in the world.”

Helping people discover their voices

Halina is a professional speaker and member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. She facilities virtual events and conducts online interviews.

She’s the author of six books on her TalkitOut Technique, which has helped many people improve their speaking skills.




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