Take 30 days and turn gratitude into a habit

gratitude Dec 10, 2020
by Steve Foran, the Gratitude Guy
We’re hearing a lot about finding the good in 2020 and being grateful for it. I fully support this idea, but we have to be careful in crossing the line into judgement. In spite of believing you can find lots of good in 2020, I don’t believe you should be grateful for anything in or from 2020. Being grateful and finding gratitude is up to you - at least for you, that’s your job. 
One of my fundamental beliefs is 'you are worthy and have much to be grateful for'. This is an important tenet to hold because it honours your dignity as a human (i.e. no one of us is any better or less than anyone else) and holding it increases your chances of reframing challenges - even when you’re in the midst of chaos and confusion.
I repeat, this doesn’t mean I’m saying “you should be grateful for... (fill-in-the-blank)". The fundamental belief is a different idea altogether. Intellectually, it’s easy to separate this difference, but living it in practise is challenging. At least for me it is because of my tendency to judge - almost automatically without even thinking about it.
Here’s the thing, finding what other people should be grateful for is as easy as spending other people’s money (or giving pretty much any type of advice). It usually completely ignores the other person’s context and life situation.
I know you would not tell me what I should be grateful for, so I’m working hard to return the favour and not tell you should be grateful for.
That’s where a Habitual Ritual comes in handy. Mine is a routine that keeps me from judging and makes me more effective, more optimistic and ultimately much much happier.
Gratitude is the heart of my Habitual Ritual. Whether you’ve never had a gratitude practice or you’ve been practicing gratitude for years, I encourage you to take whatever you do to the next level. Feel free to incorporate my Habitual Ritual - it’s comprised of two simple habits.
Each day:
  1. Record a list of 3 things you’re grateful for
  2. Read or listen to what other people are grateful for
Simple but extremely effective. Commit to it for 30 days and see for yourself.
To help you master this Habitual Ritual, you can read and record gratitudes in the One Billion Happier People community. Join for free at https://one-billion-happier-people.gratitudeatwork.ca/plans/42081
Some gratitude stats to think about:
  • 93% of people agree grateful bosses are more likely to succeed
  • 88% of people say expressing gratitude to colleagues makes them feel more fulfilled
  • 81% of people say they would work harder for a grateful boss
  • In a study for Harvard University, receiving a thank you from a supervisor boosted productivity by more than 50%
  • only 10% of people say they express gratitude at work each day
Guest contributor Steve Foran is the founder of Gratitude At Work, working with leaders across Canada and into the United States to shift cultures and help teams bring more gratitude to work each day. Steve has been on the leading edge of gratitude-based research, writing, and teaching for almost fifteen years. His science-based program, Gratitude At Work, is an innovative approach to business growth, personal growth and professional growth