Creativity blossoms amid Covid crisis

creativity May 12, 2020

Creativity is a silver lining during this dreadful pandemic.

Just look at the impromptu musical performances from balconies in Italy and France, or the speed with which virtual concerts were put together to support front line workers, or the Zoom-coordinated ballet performances, or kids and parents (and pets) starring in home-made videos.

And that creativity is reflected in the business world. Many firms have changed their business model to a virtual one using video conferencing apps to communicate with clients and staff working from home or to overcome the current travel difficulties.

A local farmer told me the other day that his produce sales had increased threefold during the lockdown. Some farmers were struggling, he said, but many were doing well. And that was because they’d created an online presence and found ways of serving customers who didn’t want to face lines in big stores.

Other examples of creativity are the companies that have changed what they produce, to help fight Covid-19. A sports company making hockey equipment, now makes disposable medical-grade face shields for front line health care workers. Some distilleries are making hand sanitizer. Clothing manufacturers are making masks.

And then there was 12 year-old Quinn Callander (pictured) in British Columbia who used his 3D printer to make ear guards for health staff who were getting sores behind their ears through wearing surgical masks through 12 hour shifts. He made hundreds at home and then companies chipped in and at the time of writing 33,000 ear guards have been made using his design.

There’s creativity everywhere in our lives, as never before. Maybe it’s because we’ve stopped being so busy. People are using the time off the treadmill that Covid-19 has given some of us to create something different in their businesses, to have fun at home, or to entertain strangers.

These are difficult times for so many people. But let’s celebrate this one unexpected benefit.

Our own creativity is satisfying. The creativity of others is inspiring, or a source of joy. Whatever the source, and however it manifests, creativity is showing us how resilient we are. It’s giving us hope.