Don't let self-doubt sabotage your presentations

motivational speeches presentations public speaking self-doubt Oct 11, 2019

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I have many clients who sabotage themselves when they speak, especially if they’re setting out to deliver an inspirational message.

There’s a niggling voice inside their heads that says they shouldn’t be speaking about this topic. That they’re imposters. That many have done it before and done it better.

In the grand scheme of things, yes, there are only so many universal inspirational messages. Yet audiences still hunger for the speeches, movies, books or podcasts that deliver them. Inspirational speeches have been around for a long long time. And, clearly, there’s still a demand for them.

Why? Because not everyone is ready to act on the message when they first hear it. Some people need to hear it, over and over, in different ways, from different speakers before they ‘get it’.

So what makes one person get it and not the person sitting next to them? It’s the package the message is delivered in. It could be the story used to convey that message, or the speaker’s passion, or the speaker’s tone, demeanour, ability to build a bridge to the audience.

So yes, you may be saying what has been said before in many different ways.

But you’re saying it your way, with your stories and your experiences. Nobody else has these. They are uniquely yours. So you are not an imposter. You are speaking your personal truth, adding it to the collective wisdom.

And your story may just be the tipping point, the moment when a listener finally accepts an idea… the moment that listener decides to change their life.