Make every virtual meeting a special occasion

Jun 14, 2021

I was standing in front of my closet wondering what to wear for my Zoom call. The good thing about Zoom calls - or any virtual meeting - is I only have to dress the top half of myself.

The bad thing about dressing for virtual calls is that I tend not to wear my really ‘good’ clothes. I’ve come to realize I’ve been saving them ‘for a special occasion.’ That was something I learned from my mother. She used to put away any expensive or particularly lovely piece of clothing to wear later. I found many unused items after she died.

One thing the Covid pandemic has taught me is to live fully, now. Today, and every day. And that means wearing those clothes I used to keep for ‘special occasions.’

You may be asking why this is important. It’s important because the way we look gives us self confidence. Wearing a beautiful jacket makes us feel good. And if we feel good, we’re likely to perform well.

More importantly, it tells our audience that we care enough about them that we will take pride in the way we dress. And it tells the audience that we’ve also taken care of the content we’re about to deliver.

It balances the casual natural of our home offices. It reminds us that we have a job to do, a service to give our clients. So we dress for it - just as we would if we were meeting them in person.