A reluctant speaker has an 'ah-ha' moment

halina st james nervous speaker performance anxiety transformation Nov 08, 2019

"I never ever thought I could stand up in front of over 700 people and speak. I was just like so many of my clients. Afraid of speaking in public."

"I was afraid my ideas weren’t good enough. Afraid of looking stupid. Afraid the audience would be bored. You know, all of those limiting fears that just keep gnawing at us."

"I struggled to find my voice, to speak with confidence."

Those quotes sound like a lot of the people who come to me for help with presentations skills coaching. But the quotes didn't come from any of my clients.

Those quotes came from me.

It was 20 years ago, and I was that anxious speaker, petrified at the thought of speaking in public. 

Something had to change. And it did. Now I have a track record of helping other people discover their voice, find their confidence, and master the craft of engaging and holding any audience.

In this short video I'll explain about my 'ah-ha' moment, how it transformed my life, and how it's changed the lives of so many people who have become my clients and my friends over the last 15 years.

Halina St James