Top 3 tips for stressed out presenters and speakers

deadline stress presentation tips public speaking Oct 10, 2019

(In case you can't watch the video right now, here's a transcript)

Your desk is piled high with work. You attend endless meetings. Your personal life is a roller-coaster of obligations and activities. Suddenly into this mix, you're asked to speak… in a couple of days. Yikes!

You know your subject. You’ve prepared your content. But you are still nervous. You’ve been meaning to get some coaching in presentation skills to really take your presentations to the next level. You know that speaking confidently is the soft skill that packs a big punch. You know it will help your career. But you haven’t had a minute to do anything about getting that coaching.

Relax. I’ve got your back with my top 3 easy tips for situations just like this.

#1 PAUSE. Let your presentation breathe with strategically placed pauses. Pause after your key message. Pause for emphasis and effect. And most important of all, pause to let the audience absorb your thoughts.

#2 STORY. Wrap your facts in stories. Begin with a story. It doesn’t have to be a long story - just relevant for your subject. Tell stories to put a human face on your information. People are hardwired for stories. Remember, facts tell, stories sell. People will remember what you said if it’s wrapped in a story, because stories tweak our brain chemistry.

#3 PASSION. Deliver with passion, not over-the-top histrionics but with conviction. Passion is the secret sauce that overrides all kinds of speaking stumbles and fluffs. Audiences love passion. After all, why bother speaking if you don’t believe what you say? The more you show how much you believe, the more audiences will reward you by listening.

Use these three tips to get through that short-notice presentation you have to deliver. Then check out that coaching you’ve been meaning to get.

Why not look into my Presentations Masterclass video course? It’s easy. You can work on it whenever you have a bit of time. It will up your speaking skills. It’ll give you confidence. It’ll get you noticed.