Try the 'bird's tail' on your next virtual meeting

virtual meetings Apr 29, 2020

We’re really happy to share a quick tip for leading virtual meetings that we saw on LinkedIn recently.

This tip will appeal to anyone who is keen to maintain eye contact with remote participants, but needs to refer to notes to avoid straying from the planned structure or missing key points.

It comes from author and speaker Juliet Funt, the CEO at Whitespace at Work. She helps organizations and individuals improve workflow and increase effectiveness by eliminating unnecessary tasks.

Juliet calls her idea the ‘Bird’s Tail’. As you can see from the picture, she gives herself key words and prompts, writes them on sticky notes, and arranges them clockwise around the edge of her screen (taking care to avoid the camera).

That way she can refer to her notes and keep the meeting flowing smoothly, without ever having to put her head down and shuffle through papers on her desk.

Thanks for this elegant solution, Juliet.