Webcam Tip #1

Apr 14, 2020

Halina St James, founder of Podium Coaching and creator of the Presentations Masterclass training program, launches the first of a series of short video tips to help you thrive in our new Covid-19 world of working from home and communicating via webcams and video-conference apps. Today, she offers a simple fix to help you look your best when video conferencing. 


The biggest mistake people make using their webcam is looking down - like this. The computer screen is tilted back. It’s a couple of inches below eye level, so you’re looking down.

Your camera is shooting a lot of ceiling, and chin, and nose hairs. Not flattering. Definitely not professional.

Fix this by lifting your computer so the camera is at eye level.

You could use a couple of books. I’m using a couple of shoe boxes. Put your computer on the shoe boxes. Bring the screen to a vertical position.

Now you are looking straight ahead. And now you look good.