Webcam Tip # 2

Apr 29, 2020

Last week I shared the first of a series of short video tips on how to look good when you are using Zoom or any of the other video-conferencing apps. That first tip was about how to change your computer position to give a more flattering picture of you. (If you missed it, you can see it again here).

Today I want to share a second tip. This time its about how to minimize any distractions that will take away from your words and your message.


Pay attention to what’s behind you when you’re using your webcam.

Is there a big mess? A plant growing out of your head? Lots of books or piles of papers? Family pictures?

People will try to figure out what’s in the background.

That’s means they’re not listening to you.

Keep the background neutral: an empty wall, perhaps. One big picture.

You want the camera to focus on you - not on what’s behind you.