Which butterfly stage are you at as a speaker?

creativity presentations Feb 16, 2020

A painting on a wall of a butterfly made me think of the good and not-so-good aspects of making a presentation or speech.

When it goes well, we are the magnificent butterfly: delicate but powerful, spreading our wings and being the best we can be.

But too often we don’t get to that stage. We end up stuck in our chrysalis, avoiding presentations and failing to achieve our potential.

Or we emerge with dry little wings and hop about from words to words half-heartedly, struggling to find our authentic voice, preferring often to imitate someone else’s style.

Yet, we all have individual creativity that will win over any audience, big or small. Your creativity, if you dare to let it flourish, is your own unique gift to the world.

Nobody thinks like you, has your experiences, or sees the world quite like you do.

Yes, it can be a struggle overcoming presentation fears. But let’s face it, everything is a struggle to some degree initially. So the next time you have to prepare a presentation or speech, think about the most creative way of doing it.

  • Let your audience guide you. You know who they are. How can you get them to pay attention?
  • Create something just for them, rather than recycling something you delivered before.
  • As you do this for every audience, and for every presentation, the struggle becomes less difficult. And the payoff? Your self-confidence will grow. Your audience will respond more positively.

Like the butterfly, you will break free of the restraints that hold you. You will spread your wings, and fly.