Why you should talk-it-out

Apr 16, 2022

Our TalkitOut Technique changes the way you prepare, the way you deliver and the way audiences respond to speeches and presentations. Here's a brief introduction to the technique, by its creator, Halina St James (pictured).

We all communicate in two very different ways:

  • We use simple, conversational language and relaxed sentence structure when chatting with friends. 
  • We use more formal vocabulary when we are writing an essay or report, using bigger words in more complex sentences.

Sadly, many speakers use the more formal style (more suited for reading) when they speak. Instead they should be using words that slip smoothly out of the mouth, and are easy on the ears of listeners.

In a nutshell, TalkitOut helps get the words out of your mouth, and encourages you to test them with your ears, BEFORE your fingers commit them to the page.

Think about your message. Then try different phrases to express your thoughts. Speak those phrases out loud. When the words sound good, THEN write them down. Repeat the process as you build your presentation. 

You must speak the words out loud. No whispering, no mumbling. That way, you ensure that the words are easy to say (no tongue-twisters) when you face the audience. 

Before you start, you need to be clear about your message and about the journey you are taking the audience on.

Make sure you focus your thoughts and can express, in a single sentence, the message you want to the audience to take away.

Then plan your speech so everything supports that main message. We’ll show you a simple four-stage system that works for any speech or presentation.

And we encourage you to write your script differently.

Many scripts look like this page:

Paragraphs of black type running the full width of the page. Sometimes, when you are feeling under pressure when speaking, or trying hard to connect with the audience, you glance down - and you can’t see your place in the script. It’s a horrible feeling, and your body and tone reflect your anxiety.

With TalkitOut you write your script differently.

We’ll show you how to set out your script so that you can see at a glance where you need to pause or add emphasis. You’ll never worry again about losing your place. And you’ll make a stronger connection with the audience because you are able to lift your head and make eye contact.

TalkitOut has a built-in rehearsal system. And the more you rehearse, the less reliance you’ll have on your script. Then you may want to reduce some of it to key words on cue cards and use those when you speak. We’ll show you how to do this.

Benefits of TalkitOut:

  • You immediately sound authentic because you are using conversational language - not reading at the audience.
  • Shorter words and smaller sentences are much easier to deliver - and much easier for the listener to comprehend.
  • You have a script that is much easier to see at a glance.
  • The script gives you visual cues about pacing, pausing and emphasis so your presentation come to life as you deliver it.